Tips for Traveling with Kids

So, you know where you're going, but how are you going to get there? Avoid a road-trip nightmare with these tips for traveling with kids!

While original Texans may have traversed the state on horseback, loading up the family car presents its own challenges. Say goodbye to the dreaded, “Are we there yet?” and teach your kiddos to enjoy the journey with these tips!

Make a game of it!

Time flies when you’re having fun – so get the kids grinning with some friendly competition. “Road Trip Bingo” is a crowd pleaser. Print up cards with things your crew will see while driving through Texas – wildlife, types of cars, or even historical sites. When someone spots an item on their card, they can cover it with a sticker. The first one with a straight line wins!

 Plan Ahead

Texas is full of places to run and play. Study a map before you go and plan stops at parks, children’s museums, and even swimming holes. Pack a bag of jump ropes, hula-hoops and other active games that will turn any rest-stop or parking lot into a playground. A few hours of high-energy fun will mean nap time in the backseat when you hit the highway.

Get Cookin’

Looking to save a buck? Cut back on your travel expenses by making road-friendly meals ahead of time. Plan a picnic at a historical marker or a scenic overlook, or let the kids make their own trail-mix to get them excited about healthy snacks on the go.

“Are we there yet?”

Give your curious kiddos a lesson in cartography! The first time you hear the dreaded question, turn it into a teaching moment by pulling out a road map and letting your back-seat navigators find the answer themselves. For younger explorers, put stickers on major landmarks so they can track the journey on their own.

Bag o’ Fun

Surprise your kids with some road trip swag (and keep them entertained for hours) with totes stocked with travel essentials. Pipe cleaners, coloring books, snacks, and disposable cameras are surefire winners!

 Embrace the chaos

Nothing lasts forever – so enjoy it while it lasts! Road trips are the perfect opportunity to spend time with the family, so choose conversation over screen time, flexibility over frustration, and in true Texas style, enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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