A Showcase of Texas Pride

One conversation with a Texan will reveal the tremendous amount of pride we carry in our hearts for the Lone Star State. We tend to brag about all the things that make Texas special to anyone who will listen. Longhorns, bright stars, and big skies to name a few. But Texans may also be responsible for some larger displays of excellence.

The Lone Star Flag
104 I-45 N., Conroe

To start off, our flag is the only state flag that is allowed to fly at the same height as the American Flag. As Texas was formerly an independent nation, a special provision was made during the negotiations to join the Union, allowing the Texas flag to fly as high as the US flag. If you want to check out the current flag and learn more about its history, visit the Texas Flag Park in Montgomery. This park displays 13 flags significant to the Texas Revolution as well as commemorative plagues and monuments to the history of the flag.

The Capitol
1100 Congress Ave., Austin

Our proud Texas Capitol, built in 1888 in beautiful downtown Austin, is a monument to Texas pride. It’s made entirely from pink Texas granite and stands at 303 feet tall—that’s almost 15 feet taller than the US capitol.

King Ranch
2205 TX-141, Kingsville

King Ranch sits in the Wild Horse Desert of South Texas. For over 160 years, they have bred cattle, farmed the land, and produced luxury leather goods. They even lead some the first cattle drives across the American South. A testament to the legacy of King Ranch is its size. They boast a massive 825,000 acres—which is more land than the entire state of Rhode Island!

Texas Legends

Another bragging point that all self-respecting Texans will never let anyone forget is all the legends that hail from the Lone Star State. Beyoncé! Need we say more? Actually, yes, we can…

George Strait. Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash. Janis Joplin. Buddy Holly. Stevie Ray Vaughan. And those are just some of the musicians raised on Texas dirt.

Check out the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock for an inside look at this rock’n’roll star’s early life. Also, swing by the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue near Town Lake or the Willie Nelson Statue on 2nd Street in Austin for Instagram-worthy stories.


— By J. Ryan Wheeler

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