A Night on Austin’s Rainey Street

Austin's Rainey Street is a quiet yet entertaining piece of nightlife that's a good option if you're looking to hit up some bars and maybe sit outside with your dog while sipping on a cold craft beer.

Known as the chill alternative to the wild college crowd that permeates East “Dirty” 6th Street, Austin’s Rainey Street is a quiet yet entertaining piece of nightlife that’s a good option if you’re looking to hit up some bars and maybe sit outside with your dog while sipping on a cold craft beer. It’s easy to park within a few blocks of Rainey Street; the crowds are never overwhelming. So if you’ve got one night in Austin and want to catch up with friends somewhere that you can actually hear them, head over to Rainey and check out some of our favorite spots:

For dinner:

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden  |  79 Rainey St.

Your first stop on Rainey Street should be Banger’s, where you can fill up on one of their signature sausages and kick off the night with a beer of your choosing. From the jalepeno cheddar bratwurst to BBQ bacon and shrimp, the unique offerings of sausage sandwiches will take your taste buds on an otherworldly journey. The house-made chili cheese fries are perfect to split between two to four people, and when it comes to beer, every server is Cicerone certified, meaning they’re more than qualified and happy to help you pick out a new and interesting beer that you’re guaranteed to love. Banger’s has a large amount of both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor patio is filled with long, wooden benches that offer a perfect location to enjoy live music in the evenings.

G’Raj Mahal  |  73 Rainey St.

This Indian food hot spot was so popular that it transitioned from a food truck into a brick-and-mortar location on Rainey in 2014. Started by a Texas native and her Indian-born husband, G’Raj Mahal has all your favorite Indian appetizers and curries, with meat, vegetarian and gluten-free options alike, and the coconut naan is particularly popular. And of course, be sure to let them know what level of spice you can handle! There is patio seating and indoor seating alike.

For drinks afterward:

Lucille Patio Lounge  |  77 Rainey St.

Next door to Banger’s is a spacious, low-lit bar called Lucille. Order one of Lucille’s signature cocktails, crafted with local ingredients and Texas liqueurs, or if you’re looking to move a little faster, Lucille has great deals on shot-and-beer combos, such as a Shiner Bock and shot of Jim Beam for just $5. Whether you choose to slide into one of the slick, black booths inside or relax on the huge shaded patio with your dog, this is our favorite Rainey location to go with a group and hang out.

Craft Pride  |  61 Rainey St.

As  you might have surmised from the name, Craft Pride is a Rainey Bar that takes pride in serving 54 taps of Texas craft beer as well as local wine. The employees here are also super knowledgeable about beer and can help you make the right selection. The interior decor here is quite interesting, with wooden walls, including a giant wooden shape of Texas on the ceiling, contrasting with gothic-looking black velvet wallpaper. There’s a small outdoor area behind this bar as well.

Container Bar  |  90 Rainey St.

This is one bar that will definitely catch your eye as you walk down Rainey — it’s made entirely of recycled shipping containers. Inside, you’ll find a spacious courtyard with trees, chairs and benches. At the bar, there’s about 15 beers on tap as well as packaged options and wine. We recommend trying one of the seven signature cocktails offered at the Container Bar, especially the Paloma: a tequila, grapefuit soda and lime juice combo. You have the choice to sit upstairs in an air-conditioned room that overlooks the street or hang out down below. They have that game where you attempt to throw small sand bags through a hole in a board. Sounds simple, but it’s pretty fun to play with friends over a few drinks.

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