Shenandoah, Texas

The city of Shenandoah stays true to its slogan – Big enough to serve. Small enough to care. Come visit and enjoy our hospitality.



The Shenandoah CVB proudly supports and promotes the city’s seven hotels, the nationally recognized sports venues, retail shops and 39 restaurants. The CVB staff operates out of the Visitors Center located on David Memorial Drive near the CISD stadium and natatorium.

The Visitors Center is a recognized Texas Tourism Information Center and is stocked with information from across the state. It is also home to the Footprints in Courage Museum, which highlights area history, culture, and inspiring stories of human achievement. Stop by and plan your next vacation or just browse and enjoy our hospitality.

The City of Shenandoah – Big enough to serve. Small enough to care.



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City of Shenandoah

19265 David Memorial Drive

Shenandoah, Texas 77385