Sealy, Texas

Saddle up and visit Sealy and our surrounding area of Texas only 48 miles west of Texas and part of the Brazos Wine Trail.



Saddle up and visit Sealy and our surrounding area of Texas. We’re only 48 miles west of Houston and we’ve got a multitude of things for you to see and do. For those that love the “wine country,” Sealy is a part of the Brazos Wine Trail, with extensive acreage of vineyards in the county.


To the northeast of Sealy, along the Mill creek, stood Cummings Mill, the first water-powered mill in Texas (1826). Trenckman’s Austin County states the Cummings Mill sawed from the trunks of virgin forest the lumber to build San Felipe. Five miles east of Sealy along I-10, the Brazos River would guide steamboats carrying cotton from the plantations to the North. The famous “Yellowstone” steamboat which carried Sam Houston and his troops across to Groces Landing would also carry the body of Stephen F. Austin to his burial place at Peach Point. To the southeast of I-10, at the Brazos, lies the site of Button Willow Lake. Legend states that this is the site where Santa Anna buried two cannons filled with gold before marching on to San Jacinto. A prehistoric aboriginal cemetery dating back to 2600 B.C. has been unearthed along the Brazos River near Sealy. The site is now known as “Texas’ Oldest Human Cemetery.”


Nestled at the crossroads of Texas Highway 36 and Interstate 10 the City of Sealy now boasts a population between five and six thousand and is the largest city in Austin County. Spend a day in the Colonial Capital of Texas or an afternoon on the trail of bluebonnet farms. Sit back, relax and enjoy.




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