National Museum of the Pacific War

The National Museum of the Pacific War is a dynamic, world-class experience designed for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.



The National Museum of the Pacific War is a dynamic, world-class experience designed for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. It is the only institution in the continental United States dedicated exclusively to telling the story of the Pacific Theater battles of World War II.

Feel what it was like to walk the wooden dock alongside a PT Boat, stand in the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier as a torpedo bomber is readied for a strike, and view Japanese battlefield entrenchments. Join a guided tour of The Pacific Combat Zone, where the realistic environment and your guide’s insights will give you a deeper understanding of the momentous struggle between Allied and Japanese forces that took place on the islands of the Pacific.

The Pacific Combat Zone is a unique three-acre indoor/outdoor exhibit featuring restored WWII military vehicles and weaponry displayed in replicated docks, entrenchments and beachheads.  This extraordinary environment will allow you to tour a series of Pacific War combat locations.

Our mission is to honor the eight million Americans who served in the war against Japan and the more than 100,000 who gave their lives. We believe that the best way to honor them is to truthfully and respectfully tell the story of their struggles, their sacrifices, and their triumphs, so future generations may learn the price of freedom. The mission began in 1968 with the establishment of the original Nimitz Museum in the restored Nimitz “Steamboat” Hotel.

Since 1968, the Museum has expanded to occupy a six-acre campus and gained a reputation as one of the premier military museums in the nation. Over the years the Museum was upgraded and enlarged, and the campus grew to accommodate the Memorial Courtyard, the Plaza of Presidents and the Japanese Garden of Peace. We opened the expanded George H. W. Bush Gallery in 2009. The Gallery’s state-of-the-art 33,000 square foot exhibition features 40 media installations, approximately 900 artifacts in 97 climate-controlled cases, 15 macro-artifacts, and hundreds of photographs. Two blocks east of the main campus is the Pacific Combat Zone for guided tours of macro-artifacts and regularly scheduled combat re-enactments.


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