International Museum of Cultures

Take a trip around the world – without leaving Texas! – at the International Museum of Cultures.



The mission of the International Museum of Cultures is to provide a venue for opportunities to enhance the public’s understanding, involvement and appreciation of contemporary world cultures through programs, seminars and exhibits. Our gallery exhibits include interactive videos from Africa, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, Museum of International Cultures China, Mexico, South America and NativeAmerica

Check out The Drumbeats of the World exhibit, which opened in August of 2005. The interactive touchscreen video accompanying the exhibit was developed by Creative Force Studio, depicting drums from Ecuador, Peru, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Korea and Native America. Visitors will be introduced to the sounds of drums from every continent. The exhibit is under the direction of the museum curator, Carol Chaney.

Other exhibits include artwork by Philmore Peterseon V, The Languages and People of Mexico, and The Ngbaka Educate Their Own.

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