American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

The C.R. Smith Museum takes visitors on a flight through American Airlines history in Fort Worth, Texas.



The C.R. Smith Museum takes visitors on a flight through American Airlines history, with interactive exhibits that entice participation by all age groups. The museum features hundreds of historical artifacts, photographs, full-scale aircraft engines and a rare Douglas DC-3 airliner. In addition, the museum’s state of the art digital theater features The Spirit of American, a film, featuring the history of commercial aviation as well as breathtaking aerial photography.

C.R. Smith Museum is named for the innovative aviation pioneer and former President of American Airlines, Cyrus Rowlett Smith. The building of the museum honoring C.R. Smith and his accomplishments was the culmination of a two and one-half year fundraising and building effort led by various AA employee and retiree groups. The museum opened July 3rd, 1993.

Artifacts, which began with the Paul Kent Collection, were acquisitioned, painstakingly catalogued and incorporated into the museum’s displays and archives by staff and volunteers. Many of these original volunteers are still actively involved with the museum.

A new theater, sponsored by American Express Travel, features the original HD film, An American Journey. It is a chance for the visitor to hear the stories of American Airlines/American Eagle personnel, their contributions, and what the airline industry means to them. It is a heart-warming addition to the museum.



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American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

4601 Hwy 360 @ FAA Road

Fort Worth, Texas 76155