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Gorilla Art
They might not be in a museum, but murals are priceless by their very nature — you'll never see the same one anywhere else.

When you walk the streets in any of Texas’s major cities, it’s nearly impossible to not run into a large, impressive mural. Take time to seek out these masterpieces when you visit. They might not be in a museum, but the must see Texas murals are priceless by their very nature — you’ll never see the same one anywhere else.

Gorilla Art

Various locations, Houston

When the Houston Zoo acquired gorillas earlier this year, it wanted everyone in the city to know. So the zoo commissioned artists to create five gorilla murals around the city to hype the animals’ arrival. The pieces are gorgeous and bursting with color. Check out the zoo’s blog for the five locations!

“Preservons La Creation” 

2800 San Jacinto St., Houston

Reaching five stories high and covering 8,000 square feet, this mural by Sebastien Boileau is the largest in Houston history. It depicts the Sistine Chapel’s God stretching his arm out and holding a bottle of spray paint against a lovely background of blue, green and yellow.

“You’re my butter half”

2000 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Austin

United Way of Greater Austin brought this adorable mural to the Austin streets in 2012, and it’s been the subject of many Instagram posts since. The brightly colored mural features a heart between a slice of bread and a melting piece of butter that read, “You’re my butter half.” With its bold, turquoise background and cartoonish art style, this mural is a great place to take your significant other and post for that perfect, “awww”-worthy photo.

“I love you so much”

1300 S. Congress Ave., Austin

This staple piece of Austin street art isn’t a traditional mural; in fact, it’s five small, red words on a moss green wall. What’s amazing is the level of popularity this wall has attracted — it’s impossible to walk through South Congress without passing a small group of people waiting to take a picture with the wall. But the story behind this public love letter is even cuter: in 2010, local musician Amy Cook took a bottle of red spray paint and put the now-famous words on the wall behind Jo’s Hot Coffee for her then-girlfriend and Jo’s owner Liz Lambert. Today, you can’t visit Austin without snapping a photo here.

“The Storm”

717 Leonard Parking Garage, Dallas

Overlooking the downtown Dallas Arts District is this eye-grabbing mural by Chris Arnold and Jeff Garrison. It’s literally a piece of art about artists and their creative process, the way their creative tension can grow and grow until it releases into art. The mural features a conductor facing the viewers, rather than having his back to them; hands raised, eyes closed, while artists of every craft spring from his head in a frenzied performance. Definitely take a moment to experience this mural if you’re in downtown Dallas.

“The Little Patch”

405 N. Main Ave., San Antonio

If the phrases “Green Eggs and Ham” and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” hold special meaning in your heart, then so will this colorful San Antonio mural. Depicting Dr. Seuss’ most beloved characters, including the Lorax, the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, the mural overlooks a community garden in the middle of downtown. It’s the perfect place to take your kids for a mini photo shoot!


Photo by Jenae Sitzes

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