Tis the Season for Hot Chocolate in Texas

Hot Chocolate
There is something magical about sipping a hot chocolate during the holiday season. Cold days in Texas set the scene to indulge in this sweet warm drink!

Imagine a cold day in Texas – a day that actually requires you to dress like a northerner. Now imagine a tall mug of hot chocolate sitting in front of you that overflows with steamy goodness. Don’t even try to resist the hot chocolate. There is something magical about sipping a hot chocolate during the holiday season. This perfect winter scene is attainable in the Lone Star State. Follow us around Texas as we show you our favorite places to indulge in this sweet warm drink!

Holy Cacao

1311 S. First Street, Austin, Texas 78704

Don’t judge a book by its cover (…or by its trailer!) when it comes to this one. Holy Cacao has been a thriving chocolate trailer at the South Austin Trailer Parker & Eatery since 2009. You may not be used to being served out of a truck, but Austin and its locals are proud of the successful food truck community. The hot chocolate and frozen hot chocolate that Holy Cacao serves has been locally and nationally recognized on several occasions for its delectable taste. You’ll definitely need a cup of your own to believe the hype! We highly recommend that you spend your next available minute in Austin grabbing a hot chocolate at Holy Cacao, a meal from a neighboring trailer, and enjoying the season.

Chocolate Secrets

3926 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75219

This chocolatier is located in Dallas and has everything you need to satisfy a sweet tooth – from every type of chocolate bar and truffle to ice creams and milkshakes. However, right in between is where the hot chocolate or “drinking chocolate,” as they call it, falls. This hot chocolate is different than most because it doesn’t come served in a mug full of marshmallows, but it comes ground up in a package. Chocolate Secrets‘ packaged hot chocolate offers a delicious flavor that can be made at any time from the comfort of your home (and in your favorite mug). This hot chocolate comes in a variety of flavors – chocolate, dark chocolate, English toffee, peppermint, and spice. We’ll leave it up to you which flavor you’ll choose because we know you won’t be disappointed!

The Chocolate Bar

1835 W Alabama Street, Houston, Texas 77005

2521 University Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005

It may not keep you warm on a cold December night, but the frozen hot chocolate at The Chocolate Bar is worth the extra scarf. This drink is known for its thick richness topped with fresh whipped cream and extra chocolate shavings, just in case your chocolate cravings weren’t completely satisfied yet. They have a wide variety of chocolate, desserts, and ice cream, aside from their hot chocolate, which will certainly grab your eye and your taste buds. We know that you will not regret a trip to The Chocolate Bar.

Mi Tierra Café and Bakery

218 Produce Row, San Antonio, Texas 78207

There is nothing that will get you in the holiday spirit quicker than a cup of hot chocolate from Mi Tierra Café and Bakery followed by a stroll around San Antonio’s River Walk. Mi Tierra is proud to serve Mexican hot chocolate with a fierce flavor that will keep you wanting refills. Aside from the drink, Mi Tierra provides a warm and festive ambience that is perfect for families and large get-togethers. If you have never been to Mi Tierra, you owe it a visit and owe yourself a large Mexican hot chocolate.

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