The World’s Largest Honky Tonk

Billy Bob's Texas
If you haven’t been to Billy Bob’s, it’s time to head to Fort Worth for a concert, a couple of beers, and a dance. Just make sure you wear your boots!

Affectionately known by locals and tourists alike as “the world’s largest honky tonk,” Billy Bob’s is filled with history, live music, dancing, and an unspeakable Texas spirit. Billy Bob’s started out in 1910 as an open-air barn for the Fort Worth Stock Show, and since then has been used for a variety of purposes: an airplane factory during WWII, and a department store after that. Finally, the building was converted in 1981 into the dancehall and music venue it is today.

Billy Bob’s established itself as a premiere venue early in its life: its opening week included the Gatlin Brothers, Willy Nelson, and Waylon Jennings. Since then, other country music legends have also graced the stage: Merle Haggard, Robert Earl Keen, and Hank Williams, Jr., to name just a few.

Walk into Billy Bob’s any night of the week and you’ll hear live music, boots tapping the dance floor, and spirited conversations among both tourists and regulars. There are plenty of memories for lovers of Billy Bob’s to reminisce about, like the time when Merle Haggard spent $12,737.50 on a round of whiskey for the whole bar (check the Guinness Book of World Records), or when the dancehall won “Country Music Club of the Year…” 12 times.

If you haven’t yet been to Billy Bob’s, it’s time to take a trip to Fort Worth and experience the Texas legend. See a concert, or just go for a couple of beers and a dance. Just make sure you wear your boots!

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