Texas' Offbeat Parks

Texas’ Offbeat Parks

There are many parks made for relaxation and adventure in Texas when you are traveling. However, there are some parks that are just as individualistic as the Lone Star State itself. Whether you like nature, art, history or want to experience something new, there is something for everyone at these offbeat parks in Texas!

fishiest places in texas

Fishiest Places in Texas

Through the hill country to the piney woods, Texas offers a variety of terrain and provides numerous lakes, rivers and creeks. Here is a guide to just some of the fishiest places in Texas. River fishing? Lake fishing? Take your pick!

Eat Paleo in Dallas

Eat Paleo in Dallas

One of the best parts about traveling is enjoying the delicious restaurants your destination has to offer. When you’re on a restricted diet, finding places to suit your needs can be a little more difficult. If you’re on the paleo diet, gluten-free or just want to try something new, nourish your body with wholesome ingredients at some of these delicious Dallas restaurants.

Parker County Peach Festival

Parker County Peach Festival

In order to celebrate the local peach crop, the Parker County Peach Festival is held annually in Weatherford’s historic downtown district on the second Saturday in July. Known to produce the sweetest and juiciest peaches, Weatherford and Parker County were dubbed the Peach Capital of Texas by state legislature, and have maintained this title with pride throughout the years.

X Games Austin 2016

X Games Austin 2016

If you’ve never watched extreme athletes fly through the air doing various tricks, zoom around a track at tops speeds, it’s a sight to be seen. Texans are lucky enough to have the best of the best on home soil to compete in the 2016 X Games Austin.

Taste of Tex-Me

A Taste of Tex-Mex

As a state, Texas has quite a selection of wonders to offer the typical tourist. Though, one thing remains a permanent staple and a proud part of Texan culture. That is Tex-Mex food. Because Texas shares a border with Mexico, much of the Hispanic culture has permeated through the lone star state, creating some of the best Mexican entrees, with a little Texas twist. Keep your eyes peeled for these restaurants in a city near you.

5 Unexplored Texas Towns

Five Unexplored Texas Towns

With no doubt, the large Texas cities are great places to visit, but there is something special about stopping in a tiny Texas town for an intimate experience discovering all of the its gems and wonders. Here are five Texas towns to add to your travel list.

Mariachi Loco Festival

Mariachi Loco Music Festival

Grab your sombreros and dancing shoes, it’s time to celebrate. Just in time for the festivities of Mothers’ Day and Cinco de Mayo is the Mariachi Loco Music Festival. This is a weekend-long festival located in the core of downtown El Paso at the San Jacinto Plaza.

The Sceneic Route - Austin to Dallas-Fortworth

The Scenic Route: Austin to Dallas-Fort Worth

I-35 between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin is a source of dread for many, if not all, Texas motorists and travelers. Between the constant construction and the sheer number of cars on the road, the interstate has become a congested mess. If you’re making the trip north or south we suggest taking an alternate route, so that you can enjoy some new scenery, explore some charming Texas towns, and most importantly avoid the nightmare that is I-35. We’ve mapped out a road trip from Austin to DFW that cuts slightly west, assuring minimal traffic and maximum fun.

Natural Landmarks in Texas

All Natural Adventure

Texas owes much of its rich heritage and culture to the diversity of our natural environment. Covering an area of more than 268,000 square miles, Texas is home to a vast collection of spectacular natural landmarks. From the mountains and deserts of west Texas to the National Seashore on the coast, there truly is something for everyone in the Lone Star State. Whether you’re into spelunking the intricate networks of underground caverns or you’d like to windsurf on shifting sand dunes, we recommend experiencing all there is to offer in this wild and beautiful state.

Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

Texas Art Museums

When it comes to art, Texas has really made a name for itself. For centuries, Texans have been labeled as the cowboy, farmer type, but after breaking apart from that stereotype, it has become a great place to marvel in art. Many Texas cities have historic art districts, filled with art museums, each one special in their own way. Here are some of the most well-known museums.

Coffee San Marcos

Coffee Spots: San Marcos

Nestled between Austin and San Antonio is the city of San Marcos, home of the Texas State University Bobcats and the crystal clear waters of the San Marcos River. San Marcos remains one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Trying to cling to the town’s quaintness, the community still treasures the small businesses that remain, the coffee shops being one of them.