12 Hours in Shiner

Shiner, Texas
It’s time to travel to Shiner for (what else?) beer, plus antique shopping, an iconic theater, and an ornately decorated church.

Is it White Wing? Light Blonde? Cheer for the holiday season? Every Texan has a favorite Shiner brew—if you haven’t picked yours yet, it’s time to travel to Shiner to experience the town that beer built. But Shiner has more to it than just beer: antique shopping, an iconic theater, and an ornately decorated church. Warning: this day trip is not gluten-free-friendly!

Breakfast: Snowflake Donuts

424 N Avenue E

This local favorite will give you a taste of Shiner’s hometown flavor with more than just fresh donuts and kolaches—Snowflake is a local’s hotspot for morning chit-chat.

Gaslight Theater

207 E 7th Street

The Gaslight Theater served as the backdrop of Shiner’s social scene from 1895-1927, and it’s making a comeback. Take a tour of the recently restored theater, or call the box office at (361) 594-2079 to get tickets for a play.  

Antiques, Art and Beer

720 N Avenue E

Alluring to all types of travelers, the idea of Antiques, Art and Beer is pretty self-explanatory. Stop by for some light snacks to go with over 300 beer and wine options, and grab a couple souvenirs while you’re there!

Spoetzl Brewery:

603 E Brewery Street

We’ve now arrived at the focal point of our tour—bring on the beer! Founded in 1909 by beermaster Kosmos Spoetzl, the brewery delivers 6 million cases of Shiner across the country each year. That’s a lot of beer! Happily, the tour includes free beer.

Dinner: Friday’s Fried Chicken

122 E 5th Street

You know we like our chicken fried! There isn’t a more comforting way to end the day than with Friday’s Fried Chicken, another local favorite.

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